UK COVID-19 Tracker

Unfortunately due to the way the graphs on this page are generated, they don't look great on smaller screens. You may have better luck rotating your device to a landscape orientation.

Note that, starting around the second week of September, demand for tests has exceeded capacity. Flattening off of cases should be viewed with scepticism, and compared with hospital admissions and NHS triage statistics.

This is a collection of what I consider to be the most useful COVID-19 data for the UK. It is updated from the latest source data every 30 minutes.

The majority of the data here is for England at the moment. The other nations of the UK compile their data separately and some of it is not directly comparable.

Regional Trends

While governments are keen on using the reproduction (R) number to measure the state of outbreaks, it's ultimately just a measure of how fast a certain metric is growing or shrinking. This table shows the growth rate of these metrics directly.

English Region Triage (online) Triage (phone) Cases Hospital admissions
East of England 98% 61% -6% 127%
London 135% 98% -12% 68%
Midlands 75% 40% -3% 34%
North East and Yorkshire 69% 41% 9% 103%
North West 78% 33% 33% 87%
South East 101% 48% -18% 14%
South West 104% 68% -30% -13%

Scores are calculated from 7-day changes in a 7-day average.

General Situation

Where data is likely to be incomplete due to reporting delays, it is shown in a lighter colour. Red vertical markers show the date when restrictions were imposed, green lines show restrictions being relaxed. Unless otherwise stated, trend lines are a 7-day rolling average.

NHS 111 Triage Data

This data shows the number of instances of people contacting NHS 111 with suspected COVID-19 symptoms, both online and over the phone. It should act as a leading indicator of any COVID-19 outbreaks.

Caveats: the criteria used to triage users have changed several times. The phone triage data does not cover 999 calls in some areas of the country. More info.


Publisher Data Source Date
Public Health England Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK 2020-09-19
NHS Potential COVID-19 symptoms reported through NHS Pathways and 111 online 2020-09-17
Scottish Government Coronavirus - COVID-19 - Management Information 2020-09-18

Public Health England data at LTLA level is mapped to NHS England regions using this mapping, which is not exact. Pillar 2 data was added to the Scottish numbers on 15 June, and a crude correction has been applied to smooth this discontinuity.