UK COVID-19 Tracker

Unfortunately due to the way the graphs on this page are generated, they don't look great on smaller screens. You may have better luck rotating your device to a landscape orientation.

This is a collection of what I consider to be the most useful COVID-19 data for the UK. It is updated from the latest source data every 30 minutes.

Regional Trends

English Region Cases Hospital admissions
East of England 6% -7%
London 11% -11%
Midlands 4% -6%
North East and Yorkshire -3% -9%
North West 4% -17%
South East 14% -4%
South West 1% 0%

Scores are calculated from 7-day changes in a 7-day average.

General Situation

Where data is likely to be incomplete due to reporting delays, a grey area is shown. Red vertical markers show the date when restrictions were imposed, green lines show restrictions being relaxed. Unless otherwise stated, trend lines are a 7-day rolling average.

Unlocking Projections

The following graph shows the state of hospital admissions compared with the projections presented at the SAGE 93 meeting on 7 July 2021. It should be noted that only the central estimate of each of the models is presented here, and all of the models generated wide confidence intervals, which are not shown.

These models are inherently sensitive to small changes in variables such as vaccine efficacy, cross-immunity, and immunity waning, as well as the public's behaviour.

This data is presented on a logarithmic scale which allows better comparison of the trajectory of different models.


Publisher Data Source Date
Public Health England Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK 2021-11-25
SPI-M-O members (graphs digitised by Russ Garrett) Unlocking projections from SAGE 93 (7 July 2021) 2020-07-07

Public Health England data at LTLA level is mapped to NHS England regions using this mapping, which is not exact.