UK COVID-19 Tracker

Unfortunately due to the way the graphs on this page are generated, they don't look great on smaller screens. You may have better luck rotating your device to a landscape orientation.

This page shows some data on the genomic trends of the COVID-19 virus in the UK. Note that all graphs are plotted based on the date the virus sample was taken, and it takes some time for samples to be sequenced. Consequently, data for the last month or so will be based on fewer samples and may not be representative.

This plot shows the prevalence of various mutations which have been suspected to have an effect on the virus's behaviour:


This chart shows the prevalence of significant virus lineages (using the nomenclature). Sequences not assigned a lineage by COG-UK are not included. Lineages which do not comprise at least 15% of genomes over any 7-day period are recursively merged with their parent lineage.


Publisher Data Source Date
COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) Consortium Latest sequence metadata 2023-03-25