UK COVID-19 Tracker

Unfortunately due to the way the graphs on this page are generated, they don't look great on smaller screens. You may have better luck rotating your device to a landscape orientation.

This page provides some statistics on the NHS COVID-19 App, which have been collected from the API used by the app, which is publicly accessible.

This graph shows the number of Temporary Exposure Keys which have been announced as broadcast by people who were infected. Note that this is not the same as the number of people infected, as these keys are rotated daily.

This graph shows the same keys, but by the date they were broadcast by the app. It also breaks these down by the "transmission risk level", which is used as part of the risk scoring algorthm.

The app also fetches a list of "risky venues" to compare with its list of QR code checkins. This graph shows the number of risky venues by date of announcement:

Total risky venue alerts
Unique risky venues


Publisher Data Source Date
Russ Garrett NHS COVID-19 Data 2023-03-25